Funkis ABC
by Letters from Sweden

What is Funkis?

Funkis is a geometric sans serif originally designed in 2015 by Göran Söderström and Fredrik Gruber and published by Letters from Sweden. It started its life as an all-caps display face heavily inspired by the letters Sigurd Lewerentz drew in 1930 for his poster for The Stockholm Exhibition. This exhibition had a great impact on architecture and interior design and is considered to be the breakthrough of functionalism in Scandinavia. The digits are based on the characteristic number signs commonly found on functionalist buildings and houses.

Letters from Sweden is now re-releasing Funkis with a major upgrade: the typeface has been completed with a full lowercase complement. The most exciting aspect of this new version is the possibility to customise its design according to common principles found in geometric sans serifs. Funkis A references strict geometric designs with pronounced circular forms and closed apertures. Funkis B has softer curves and open forms that end at approximately 45°. Funkis C harkens back to architectural designs with straight, horizontal transitions and finials. Each of the three basic variants can be outfitted with sharp corners. Furthermore, you have the choice between circular and square dots for punctuation and diacritics. A final option is the possibility to add ink traps for using Funkis in smaller sizes.

What is the purpose of this website?

yourfunkis.se is a website by Letters from Sweden offering the possibility to customise Funkis. The interface presents the user with a variety of design features, allowing you to create your own version of the typeface. Some variations are subtle and others more expressive, but all are firmly governed by Funkis’ core concept. Browse the various styles for each of the customisable glyphs and select the ones you prefer. Related glyphs with features similar to the one you chose will change automatically to ensure a consistent style. You can test the different options and continue tailoring your typeface for as long as you want. Once you have finalised your selections and are satisfied with the end result, simply press ”Buy” to start the licensing process. Here you will see the name of your Funkis.

I have an idea for another customisation.
Is that possible?

There are quite a few options available. However, if you are looking for a variation that isn’t currently available as a feature, we welcome further suggestions. Contact us to discuss additional customisations.

Is Funkis available as a Variable Font?


Can Funkis be used as a corporate typeface?

Just like any other retail typeface from letters from Sweden, any organisation can purchase Funkis with a global license. We also offer unique modifications and can rename the fonts to match the company name and simplify its use as a custom typeface. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

Where can I find the License Agreement?

The integral text of the End User License Agreement for all Letters from Sweden fonts can be found here.

What about everything else?

Information about our Privacy Policy, Support, Payment Process, EU VAT number requirements and Refunds can also be found on the Letters from Sweden website.


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